Just a few minutes’ walk away from the Baltic sea

Ilzenberg Manor Villa

in Palanga, S.Nėries str.38

200 m from J. Basanavičiaus Street
7 rooms, 22 beds



Ilzenberg Manor Villa – leave your worries behind!

Basanavičiaus Street (200 m), Palanga Pier, the beach (300 m), the pine forest, Count Tiškevičius Park (1.2 km) and Palanga Church are only a few minutes’ walk away. Simply choose where you want to go.

At the same time, you will receive complete privacy in the very centre of Palanga, in the newly built Villa located in a cultural heritage protection zone.

Ilzenberg Manor Villa is more than just a house in Palanga. It is a resort that will fulfil all your holiday fantasies in one place.

Once you come here, you will not want to leave. A perfect retreat where you will have fun no matter the weather.

Ilzenberg Manor Villa is:

  • Your complete privacy and comfort – an enclosed 8.2 are yard surrounded by plants, and the Villa’s living room connected with the patio will ensure that you cannot be seen by people passing by.
  • The 470 sq.m Villa and its 56 sq.m sauna will make sure that nothing will disrupt your holidays – not even the weather, your neighbours, or the people outside. Your privacy will be ensured not only by an enclosed yard, but also by card-only access.
  • Free Wi-Fi, TV, fire alarm, air conditioning, large living room connected to the patio, kitchen, and playroom.
  • You will have your very own 4 parking spaces in the patio.
  • During the summer season, our private yard offers an outdoor swimming pool with heated water (at least 28°C) and counter-current. Next to the pool, you will find a jacuzzi (36°C), sunbeds, lawn, barbecue grill, and wood-fired sauna available all year round.
  • The Villa offers stationary facilities with 22 beds and separate bathrooms: 3 double rooms on the second floor and 4 quadruple rooms on the third floor (2 out of 4 beds can be found in the entresol).





Air conditioning

Free parking

Fire alarm



Heated pool



Prices and basic conditions


You can rent out the entire Villa for a single group of people (separate rooms are not rented to groups). The 8.2 are, 470 sq.m Villa includes a living room, kitchen, leisure hall, basement, jacuzzi, sauna, private area and 4 parking spaces in the patio.


The price of renting out the entire Villa for a group of 6 or less people is EUR 800/day. EUR 70/day will be charged for each additional person. The Villa is rented for a minimum period of 2 days (the Villa has 22 beds).


The disco hall in the basement is an optional service – the 1st night 200 Eur, each following – 50Eur/night. 


Children under the age of 1 can stay for free in the Villa, children under the age of 10 can stay for half the price.


During the summer season, from June 1 until September 15, visitors staying at the Villa for more than a week receive a 20% discount from the 8th day of their stay for each subsequent day.


During the off-season, from September 16 until May 31 (excluding Christmas and New Year), a 20% discount is applies for the entire period. The outdoor pool is closed during the off-season. There is a sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi.


Leisure halls audio and video equipment rental price is 300 Eur for the 1st day. For each following day rental price is 150 Eur.


The Villa is for relaxation and leisure only (we do not rent our facilities for weddings, events and other celebrations). We respect our neighbours, who also respect us, thus we ensure that no one is noisy in the area even during the day: we follow the general tradition and requirements of Palanga for quiet recreation and respect for one’s neighbours.


Persons not living in the Villa cannot use its facilities and area.


Smoking is prohibited inside the Villa (smoking area is outside, at the gate).


We love animals, however each individual case shall be considered. Pets are permitted by agreeing on the pet care rules in advance.

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